Building bank products for an Access Economy future

LENEO is a FinTech company founded in 2016 with the aim of delivering financial technology that fuels an Access Economy future.

We do this by being a preferred partner for banks to build up new financial products, that gives their clients easier access to equipment and technology to help them grow.

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We believe in Access Economy

Access Economy is one of the largest megatrends today and it is transforming the way we think about personal and business financing.

Whether it is through renting, leasing, peer-to-peer sharing, subscriptions, or pay-per-use - Consumers are increasingly looking towards more convenient ways to get access to products and services, instead of being tied to the obligations that come with ownership.

We believe that lease financing and management is the area where banks most efficiently can address these new consumer needs - while at the same time adding new revenue streams and unlocking further potential in existing.

Digital solutions with an on-demand human touch

Our misison is to help banks take part in the Access Economy, by offering new financial products and digital experiences that creates meaningful interactions with their clients.

We believe that lease financing no longer needs to be outsourced to a few specialist, but instead should be handled directly by the banks and their advisors by providing the right software and tools.

Our solutions are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, empowering the banks financial advisors to create, activate, and maintain lease agreements directly.

Banks should have the option of combining our solutions with back-office assitance and administration from LENEOs advanced support team.
This way any bank can ensure that valuable time is released and their advisors are free to spend more time on client dialogue instead of formalities.

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Who we are at LENEO

Our cloud-based SaaS Platform are conceptualized by people with extensive experience from the financial sector - and delivered by developers and engineers with an agile development framework and data-driven mindset.

LENEO is founded in Denmark, and our teams are based in Copenhagen, Denmark and Lisbon, Portugal.
We all share the common goal of creating convenient and easier ways to get access to products and services.


We have been mentioned more than once.
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