LENEO is already creating value for several banks
We build Banking solutions for the future banking. Access economy over ownership economy. LENEO help Banks and their customers to meet the movement from ownership to access or usage based economy.
LENEO allows for new business opportunities
With LENEO, you will have the opportunity to offer products that are in great demand from the future consumers
Expand your core business with new banking products
LENEO allows you to offer your banking customers the flexibility that they are looking for
Grow your business in partnership with your customers
LENEO allows you to add value and stand behind your customers so they safely can develop  and strengthen their business

Get all of these advantages today

Get LENEO white label solution
– and expand your business
Strengthen your
competitive advantage
LENEO allows you to offer your customers the flexibility that they are looking for 
Expand those
good relationships!
You can make your own products and meet your customers where they are
strong partnership
You can strengthen both your own and your customers’ businesses via a strong partnership
A solution that makes a difference
Enter into a partnership and strengthen both your and your customers’ businesses
The world of tomorrow wherein the priority is on access rather than ownership provides a lot of opportunities for Banks to play a major role. This applies to both businesses that seek access to rather than ownership of their assets and also to companies who want to offer access to their products instead of selling them. Both situations require that Banks can and want to participate in their future to make it a success

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LENEO is already servicing and creating value for banks

LENEO solution
A complete system that supports the entire process
With LENEO, you will be getting both a system and the opportunities for either a partial or complete Business Process Outsourcing of all process. For both solutions, LENEO will manage everything for you so that you can concentrate on your customers
You will get all the advantages and none of the hassle
A fully developed system
From the start, you will have all the functions that you need. You will avoid all the hassle of developing your own system
An automated system
You will be getting an automated workflow so that you don’t have to deal with the manual tasks. LENEO keeps track of everything for you
A system that is always updated
You will automatically receive all new updates, meaning that you do not have to do any maintenance work on the system at all

Get all of these advantages today

LENEO supports the entire process

Allowing you to concentrate on creating a successful business

  • LENEO collects all the functions you need in one place
  • LENEO guides you through the entire leasing process
  • LENEO provides you with the full overview and ensures that you are in control from start to finish
A full service experience
Dedicated team that ensures an easy start
Education and ongoing training of all users
First line customer support: Phone, E-mail and onsite
Datawarehouse and advanced reporting system
Projected uptime of > 99,8 % for access
User satisfaction 4 out of 5 stars
Real time data and access from multiple devices
System validated & controlled by PwC – ISAE 3402
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