Everything you need to run a leasing business


A complete backend
and frontend leasing system

LENEO makes it easy to manage every aspect of the leasing process

The system gives you seamless, easy control over your company’s entire leasing business – from drawing up contracts and setting up your assets to invoicing and resale.

LENEO is an easy, accessible online cloud-based solution, simple to set up and integrate with your existing business

Easy integration

LENEO is a cloud-based solution, simple to integrate with your existing business systems using JSON-based REST API

Simple implementation

LENEO takes fully responsibility for the implementation, and ensures an easy start up

Highly scalable

LENEO is developed on the .NET framework with the aim of creating a flexible and scalable leasing system

Always updated

The cloud-based solution ensures you always have an updated system

Designed for you

LENEO’s simple, intuitive design makes it fast and simple to use, and its compatibility with most current devices gives it a user-friendly flexibility

01. Free support

If an issue arises as you use LENEO, reach out. We are here to help.

02. Easy start-up

To make sure you get off to a great start using the whole leasing system, a support team will be assigned your company.

03. Expert counseling

With many years of experience with leasing, LENEO has the experience to help you create great results.

Free start up

With LENEO, there are no start-up costs. You don’t pay until you invoice your first leasing customer. So getting started is free

A dedicated, feature-rich leasingsystem

With LENEO, you get everything you need to run a leasing business
Secure processes

LENEOs automated leasing processes ensures a simple and uniform workflow even though more users or teams are involved

Effective doc management

LENEO’s secure document management makes it easy to store and organise all your important leasing documents

Automated workflow

LENEOs automated leasing process cuts out a lot of manual work. You can generate offers and leasing contracts with a few clicks

Optimal scheduling

LENEO’s optimised scheduling gives you a detailed view of every customer’s commitment and history

Made for leasing Experts by leasing Experts – with the aim of making it as simple as possible for all kinds of businesses to provide leasing services

The easy way to run your company’s entire leasing business hassle-free