Leasing, Rental

Leasing, Rental

& Subscription

& Subscription



Bundle your products with different services. Develop the customer relationship and get recurring revenue.

Easy integrated to your favorite ERP systems.

Customers want to move from capital expenditure (CAPEX) to operating expense (OPEX)

Our SaaS solution can help you

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High Growth

Product-as-a-Service is expected to grow more than 500 % the next 5 years

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Grow customer relationship

By offering Product-as-a-Service – you grow the relationship with your customer

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Higher Profit

Offering Product-as-a-Service increases the overall margin with 2,5

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SME relevant

43 % of all European SME's have assets or products on recurring cost terms

Source: leaseurope.org – European interest organization for leasing in Europe.


Product-as-a-Service is also called Asset-as-a-Service, Hardware-as-a-Service or Equipment-as-a-Service.

In the simplest way – Product-as-a-Service allows you to keep the ownership of the products and offer different kinds of services to your customer. You develop the relationship with your customers and get predictive recurring revenue. Some call it The Netflix of Industry 4.0.

The idea is already known from IT: Software-as-a-Service. Your customers already use a lot as-a-Service from mobility to software – so they are ready for your Product-as-a-Service.

Platform for Access Products

Our platform helps you offer your Product- or Asset-as-a-Service to your customers in an easy way. You can easily offer leasing, long-term rental, and subscription, depending on your business type.

Leneo Platform handles everything from quotations to closing of an agreement.

It is designed to enable your people to offer easier access to your product for their clients - and can perform either as an end-to-end solution or as an overlay to an ERP system.

Your customers will get access to new and more convenient ways of handling all kind of access products while building a stronger personal connection to your brand and company.


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The SaaS platform provides companies with the possibility to offer their Asset- or Product-as-a-Service to their endcustomers. End of ownership – Start of usership



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