LENEO makes it easy to manage every aspect of the leasing process

Over the last few years, I’ve seen a noticeable rise in the demand for leasing. It offers business opportunities for traditional financial providers as much as new players on the market. LENEO’s platform makes it not just possible, but also straightforward for anyone to make a business out of leasing

Thorleif Krarup, Former CEO, Nordea

A feature-rich leasing system

With LENEO, you get everything you need to run a professional leasing business

With its user-friendly, intuitive web interface, LENEO makes it easy for you to manage every step of the leasing process. The system gives you a complete view of every leasing contract along with your entire leasing business

Simple, elegant control over your leasing business. From setting up an offer and signing leasing contract, selecting and delivering the asset  to servicing the customer og contracts


LENEO’s setup process gives you a tool to administrate all the fixed numbers and price parameters for the company’s leasing.

Leasing calculator

Med den tilknyttede leasing beregner, få du nemt et overblik over leasingydelse, restværdi og finansieringssum mm.

Administrating contracts

LENEO makes it easy to extend, end, or cut contracts short. It’s just as easy to change a customer’s payment details.

Creating offers

LENEO enables you to manage every step of creating your offer. When all data are accounted for, the system creates the offer.

Document packaging

With LENEO, you can upload your company’s leasing documents to the platform. This creates a coherent leasing process.


You can automate customer invoicing and set up automatic payment services. LENEO makes it easy to stay on top of generating and sending invoices.

LENEO is an easy, accessible online leasing system, simple to set up and integrate with your exixting business

Easy implementation

LENEO is a cloud-based solution, simple to integrate with your existing business. LENEO is developed on the .NET framework with the aim of creating a flexible and scalable leasing system, that always meets the specific needs of your company. The cloud-based solution ensures you always have an updated system.

Seamless integration

LENEO is simple to integrate with your existing business systems using LENEO’s JSON-based REST-API. This ensures seamless integration with most of your customers, products and financial management systems such as Economic, Navision and other API based systems. That means less typing and fewer mistakes – because everything synchronises automatically.


LENEO is as easy
as it sounds

The system is designed for you.
With all the features that makes it easy for you to run a leasing business.

Designed for you

Everything you need is included in the package from day one, you won’t have to pay for extra modules. And you can easily remove the features that’s not needed, so the system is tailored to the needs of your company

Ongoing updates

The system is under continuous development to ensure the solution always meets the specific needs of your company. You won’t have to do anything – all ongoing system updates will happen automatically and are for free

The easy way to run your company’s entire leasing business hassle-free