LENEO LEASING is a complete cloud-based system containing everything you need as a bank, to offer different types of products and access economy solutions

Key elements of LENEO leasing system
LENEO supports the entire process

Allowing you to concentrate on creating a successful business

  • LENEO collects all the functions you need in one place
  • LENEO guides you through the entire leasing process
  • LENEO provides you with the full overview and ensures that you are in control from start to finish

A handful of LENEO’s powerful features
Product setup

LENEO’s product setup provides you with a tool to manage all parameters for the bank’s products


The integrated calculators allow you to have an easy overview of financing, performance, residual value, etc.


The reporting module lets you extract various reports such as starting and ending inventory as well as first-time and monthly reports

Offer setup

In LENEO, you will be easily managing the offer phase from start to finish. Create customers and assets, make the calculations for your offer and send it to the customer


With just a few clicks, you can generate, send and automate invoices. This ensures that invoicing is both simple and easy to get an overview of

Document management

In LENEO, all of the documents that you will be using during the process are available – such as contracts, purchasing orders, delivery approvals and consent forms