Simple, elegant control
over your leasing business

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Optimal scheduling

LENEO’s optimised scheduling gives you a detailed view of every customer’s commitment and history. So it’s easy to deliver the right service, change contracts, make new offers and overall make sure that everything goes by the book.

Automated workflow

LENEO’s automated leasing process cuts out a lot of manual work. You can generate offers and leasing contracts with a few clicks. And the administrative processes make it easy and intuitive to manage existing contracts.

Secure processes

LENEO’s automated leasing processes ensures a simple and uniform workflow even though more users or teams are involved. The high degree of transparency and the system’s log function makes it easy to view contract history and follow every transaction.

An easy, accessible online solution

LENEO is a cloud-based solution, so you don’t need to install anything on your computer. Everything takes place online, and you can access the system from wherever you are. All your information I stored safely and you can access the system without worrying about backups or updates.

The leasing process

LENEO provides you with seamless, easy control over the entire leasing process from setting up an offer through drawing up contracts to maintaining established customer contracts

Creating offers

LENEO enables you to manage every step of creating your offer from start to finish. Customer data is collected from the CVR registry, and the offer is calculated based on the type of leasing, price or any other parameters particular to the leasing situation. When all the parameters are accounted for, the system automatically creates the offer.

Drawing up contracts

The system automatically turns the offer into a contract based on the information it processed during the offer creation phase. The contract follows a quick and easy procedure that ensures all requirements are fulfilled and all necessary signatures are in place. The next steps, from the acquisition and delivery of assets to sending the first invoice follow a simple process that is easy to follow and manage.

Administrating customer contracts

LENEO makes sure the administration of customer contracts is straight forward. At a glance, you can see your customer accounts and the status of their contracts. At the same time, the intuitive interface makes it easy to extend, end, or cut contracts short. It’s just as easy to change a customer’s payment details. And you can generate a new contract with a single click.


LENEO makes it simple to administrate all the settings that make up a leasing process

Product maker

LENEO’s setup process gives you a tool to administrate all the fixed numbers and price parameters for the company’s leasing. It’s extremely easy to change interest rates, depreciation matrices and other figures that affect your pricing. It all takes place in one place. And if you want to see the difference between customer and product groups, you can – with just a few clicks.

User profiles

Setting up and managing users in the system’s well-laid-out user profile page is a breeze. You can also grant individual users special rights and privileges.


In LENEOs administration module, you can manage the business and accounting aspects of each lease

Document packaging

With LENEO, you can upload your company’s leasing documents to the platform, such as leasing conditions, declarations, or authorizations. This creates a coherent leasing process in which everything takes place in LENEO – with ease.


LENEO makes it easy to stay on top of generating and sending invoices. You can automate customer invoicing and set up automatic payment services with just a few clicks.


LENEO comes equipped with a wide range of standard reports, giving you a clear view of your leasing business. With everything from an instant view of your assets, monthly customer statements and daily sales figures, you are always up to speed.

Free and easy implementation

We want to make sure you get off to a great start. Therefore LENEO takes fully responsibility for the implementation, and ensures an easy start up.
Run your leasing business hassle-free