LENEO is a user-friendly leasing platform
that makes it easy for you to offer your customers a professional leasing service


A complete professional leasing package

With LENEO, you get everything you need to run a leasing business

The system gives you seamless, easy control over your company’s entire leasing business – from drawing up contracts and setting up your assets to invoicing and resale.





Greater turnover

With LENEO, you can offer professional leasing to new and existing customers alike, giving you a great opportunity to increase both sales and turnover.



Stronger business

As the backbone of your business, LENEO strengthens your company and sends a clear signal of professionalism to your customers.


More efficient workflow

LENEO’s streamlined leasing solution saves you time and energy – valuable resources that you can use on running other aspects of your company’s business.



Clear, simple approach

LENEO’s uncomplicated approach to leasing gives you clarity, so you avoid the oversights that could lose you customers and sales.


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A dedicated, feature-rich SaaS platform

Handle all aspects of leasing with ease

With its user-friendly, intuitive web interface, LENEO makes it easy for you to manage every step of the leasing process.



Simply get started

A cloud-based service, LENEO is so easy to set up and integrate with your existing business systems that you can deliver professional leasing straight away.



Hassle-free leasing 

LENEO is a dedicated leasing system that improves and simplifies every step of the leasing process. So, providing your customers with an outstanding leasing service is as simple as possible.


Designed for you

LENEO’s simple, intuitive design makes it fast and simple to use, and its compatibility with most current devices gives it a user-friendly flexibility. The system is under continuous development to ensure the solution always meets the specific needs of your company.



Free to get started

With LENEO there are no start-up costs. You don’t pay until you have invoiced your first leasing customers – minimizing your risk in the short term and maximizing your profits in the long term.


The easy way to run your company’s entire leasing business hassle-free

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