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Case study

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Opendo is a cooperation consisting of more than 10 major Danish banks and an insurance company, who supports more than 100.000 business clients in their financial decisions.

They were searching for a reliable solution that would expand the possible options their financial advisors had at their disposal when working with clients. Especially going beyond the traditional loan- or credit-agreements and into Access Economy.

What were their needs

The Implementation

LENEO was asked to develop and provide an end-to-end leasing platform which would allow the bank's financial advisors to make an offer within just a few minutes.
    Through the intuitive LENEO Frontend Leasing Platform the advisors where able to start producing offers on the first day and within minutes - allowing for leasing to become a viable option when financing assets.

LENEO was also asked to build and handle the administration of Opendo until Opendo had build their own organisation.
    LENEO handled this through their existing support team and enabled Opendo to be operational on day one.

Further, LENEO were responsible for creating documentation for, present, and implement simple workflows for the solution.
    This was done through workshops, where LENEO implementation team visited the banks and guided the financial advisors through the features of the LENEO Frontend Leasing platform. Handing of documentation for all the agreed workflows for the banks to incorporate in their internal workflows and procedures.

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The Results

Through close cooperation with LENEO, the setup for Opendo was up and running within the expected time frame, and the results have been substantial:

  • 300 users live from day one
  • One week from start to go-live for each individual bank after the initial three
  • All banks are now successfully live on the platform and more are joining
  • So far, more than 1000 financial advisors benefit from the features of the platform in their daily communication with their clients

Direct Impact

The LENEO Leasing Platform offers clear benefits to the bank’s in Opendo

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to create and present a leasing offer to a client

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financial advisors using the LENEO Leasing Platform

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customer satisfaction with the LENEO Leasing Platform

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more profitable financing agreements than normal loans

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"The core of Opendo is to be the best possible financing alternative for their customers, but also maintain an ease-of-use for financial advisors in their daily jobs. LENEO understands both and have from the beginning been a part of our vision of simplicity, strategic choices and flexibility instead of all-encompassing and overly complex solution, with prolonged time-to-market"

Troels Bülow-Olsen

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