The vision behind the fintech company LENEO.

The vision behind the fintech company LENEO was initiated in 2016. At the time, the concept of leasing was steadily growing, as modern consumers seek access to products – not ownership. As the demand for leasing services increased, so did the need to simplify the administration of leasing activities. And so, with the ambition to make leasing accessible for all, the first steps were made towards building the LENEO software solution.
Peter Stuhr gets the idea
With his background in the financial sector, Peter Stuhr, the CEO and founder of LENEO, recognized the need for Banks to have solutions that would help them enter an age of Less ownership and more Access. First product to look at was an A to Z leasing solution which would make the process of leasing more manageable for banks. Through dialogues with banking executives from a long line of banks, Peter Stuhr confirmed that the wish to empower bank employees in Access products future throughout the financial sector.
Beginning of 2016
Peter Stuhr, Kristian Juhler and Thorleif Krarup
In the summer of 2016, Peter partnered up with Kristian Juhler to start building the solution. At the same time, Peter came into contact with former CEO of Nordea, Thorleif Krarup, who shared the vision of access economy and empowerment of the bank employees. Among other investors and venture companies, Thorleif Krarup decided to invest in the growth and future of LENEO, and today he serves as the chairman of the company.
Summer 2016
With the power of easy-to-use financial software, LENEO makes leasing a valuable addition to the product portfolio of bank employees, who want to provide their customers with a new level of service. The LENEO solution ensures that leasing will no longer be outsourced to a few specialists, as all activity will be handled directly in the bank – combined with support from the LENEO team. This way it is ensured that the valuable time of the bank employees is optimized, as they are free to spend more time on costumer dialogue – and less time on formalities.
LENEO is founded and based in Denmark, from where most activities regarding IT, sales and support are handled. Further, LENEO has a team of software developers in Portugal, from where a large part of the backend work is carried out.
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